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Everythong you know about history is wrong!

Uniwersytet Lataiacy (The Flying University)

Uniwersytet Lataiacy (The Flying University )


Special effect work we completed for the movie Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim electronic skin suit

We developed the electronic polymer layer with the  embedded circuitry


Executive Summary on the Current State of Viral Understanding in the U.S.


BP oil spill and other material for S. L.

For S. L.


Research Enabled by the Lunar Environment

Space Health Problems

NEW - Pen and Ink Drawing for download

Venice Street Scene

If you like this drawing, buy the book ($3.00) at Amazon: Drawing in Pen and Ink


How I learned to Love Bitumen

Space Manufacturing Presentation to the ISDC

Ed's Canon

People interested on my latest work on space manufacturing should contact me directly.

Asteroid impacts to the Earth.

Why We Need ISRU

The briefing is here: Near Earth Space and ISRU

World Energy Resources and Power Beaming

AIAA Enterprise Program Meeting July 11, 2012

A Provocative Briefing Based on Roger Penrose's Book "The Road to Reality."

Penrose's Miracles

Space Solar Power Briefing to OASIS

I also gave a briefing on Space Solar Power to the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Space Society

The briefing is here: Space Solar Power

The ambipolar zinc-polyiodide aqueous redox flow battery solves the gometry problems with the LPS system

Excellent papers on future power options for the world have been written by Dr. David Criswell.

Lunar Solar Power (LSP) System: Practical Means to Power Sustainable Prosperity

Lunar Solar Power System For Energy Prosperity Within The 21ST Century

Lunar Solar Power System: Industrial, Research, Development, and Demonstration

A related briefing on Coal Fly Ash is here: Process for Separating Silicate Systems